January 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

I took a yoga class yesterday, and during a particularly challenging pose the teacher said something to the effect of, “no need to push; wherever you land in this pose in this moment is perfect for you today.”

I had been finding myself, over the last month or two, becoming quietly pessimistic about certain aspects of life. I say “quietly” because, being someone who often decries the level of cynicism prevalent in our society today, I have become very good at being in denial about my own judgement and closed-minded negativity, hiding it away to fester and gnaw at my conscious mind.

As a result of this silent shift toward pessimism, I really needed to hear the teacher speak those words yesterday. For any of you who can relate to feeling a sense of frustration or dissatisfaction with life today, it’s worth noting that at our core as human beings, I do believe that our deepest self wants to feel good, wants to aspire, to hope, to strive, to dream, and when we are able to achieve a positive state of mind, the world does indeed look bountiful and full of possibility and we begin to notice the richness that already exists in our own lives.

One way to move in that direction is to affirm the absolute truth of what my yoga teacher said yesterday. We are taught to be so cynical, so “clever”; many of us seem to love demolishing the cathedrals of positivity and joy others manage to erect. It seems to be much easier for us to whine about what we don’t have and where we’re not, rather than the opposite. It is that internal voice which may scoff when hearing a phrase like, “where you are and what you’re doing is perfect for you today” and, like a sadistic drill sergeant in a bad war movie, will attempt to tell us that we need to try harder, do more, that where we currently are as people is pathetic or inadequate.  

I write this post today to affirm the truth in the idea of absolute appropriateness, of the perfection of where we find ourselves in a given moment. This reality is not antithetical to striving, to continuing to expand our lives. The two fit together perfectly, and the perfection and completeness of that symbiosis is borne out by the fact that I am most able to move forward fearlessly in my life when I am in that state of mind; conversely, my spiral into inactivity and self-destructive behaviour always stems from antagonistic and negative thoughts directed toward myself, my efforts and my current situation. Knowing this, sensing how my deeper, powerful self is awakened and aligned with my positive mind, and how that results in dynamic forward movement and tremendous creativity and joy (of which great productivity is an inevitable by-product), I realize that much of my daily work, and dare I say the work of possibly many of us, is to continue to find that place of peaceful acceptance and positivity inside our minds.

Don’t be afraid to speak out powerful messages. Don’t worry if at first they seem “unrealistic”. We spend a lot of time internalizing a sense of lack; sometimes it takes a while to get the wheels turning in the other direction.

As you follow your heart and your deeper self in moving forward in your life and your expansion, remember that everything is indeed perfect and appropriate, and you are in exactly the right place and doing exactly the right thing in order to learn the necessary lessons that facilitate your growth as a human being.

Stand on a rooftop and speak those words at the top of your voice. We all need to hear it.



  • Dearest one,
    I felt as if you were talking directly to me….and I needed to hear your words of wisdom. I am turning things around and I hope when we are together soon, the fruits of both our labours will blossom into a cornucopia of goodness and gladness.
    I love you,

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