March 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s been around twenty minutes since the event took place, an event which had me rushing to my laptop. The problem is, it’s taken that long for me to recover my wits in order to write this post.

Chris Matthews was interviewing Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune and Sam Stein of the Huffington Post, asking for their opinions on who President Obama might be most afraid of (if indeed he is) when it comes to a 2012 challenger. The conversation moved to Mike Huckabee and it was at this point that Mr.Stein, a journalist for a supposedly left-wing news outlet, described Mr.Huckabee’s recent obscene lie about Mr.Obama having grown up in Kenya as a “rhetorical gaffe.”

Excuse me?

This is how battered wives defend their abusive husbands, by dressing up their behaviour in a way that mitigates it. Mr.Matthews, to his credit, didn’t let Stein get away with this, reminding him that there was no gaffe here; Mr.Huckabee did not “misspeak”, or stumble on his words, or get confused. He simply lied, going along with a loony talk radio host in a grimy attempt to win Tea Party votes. The fact that Mr.Stein then went on to say that Huckabee did indeed misspeak, even after Matthews dressed him down, confirms my point: there is no liberal bias. Reporters have stopped reporting and now believe their job simply to be to repeat others’ statements.

When did this happen? Are journalists so terrified of being branded “liberal” and of having bias that they now won’t report events as they truly are? Anyone who’s graduated from college, especially one with a degree in journalism, should be able to define the word gaffe in a way that approximates the Oxford definition: “a blunder; an indiscreet act or remark.”

Mike Huckabee didn’t blunder. He knew exactly what he was doing. As for being indiscreet, well, anyone who goes on national talk radio is hardly being discreet, no matter what they say. But please- call it for what it is. Let the apologists be the people on Huckabee’s payroll.

There is no liberal media. If there were, Sam Stein would have told the truth and used the word “lie”.

Your husband doesn’t have a temper, ladies. His life isn’t difficult. He’s simply abusive and is prepared to live with the wreckage. If you’re interested in your plight being known to others, one word of advice: don’t call Sam Stein.



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