March 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I recently posted a Huffington Post blog and received a response from a good friend and excellent writer telling me that he has boycotted the site because he believes writers should be compensated for their contributions, especially when blogging for a website whose owners have recently earned hundreds of millions of dollars through a buyout by AOL.

His point is hard to argue: No one believes in the concept of fair pay for services rendered more passionately than I. The countervailing viewpoint, however, carries validity as well: That most of these bloggers are already successful in their chosen fields and are more than happy to have a platform on which to express their views. As a politically aware person, I am certainly glad that more people are getting the chance to read intelligent, articulate and, from my perspective, ideologically sound arguments and thoughts being put forward on a daily basis.

So it was with some fascination that I came across a short missive on Huffington Post today, written by its senior vice president of media relations, addressing this very issue. Due to exasperating, unexplainable problems with the carrier of my blog today I will write the link below:


I’m still unclear on this issue, finding myself in essential agreement with the salient points being made on both sides. Stay tuned.



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