June 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Why do we temper our excitement and joy for the amazing, magical things in our lives?

We come into the world as organisms built for joy. In the absence of worry, grief and generalized anxiety, the default mood for the majority of human beings is happiness.

I seek not to give suggestions here as to how to alleviate the states of consciousness which hinder our natural jubilation:

I simply want to remind myself and anyone else who cares to listen of the fact that a), most of us have so much to be happy and excited about and b), we must make the choice to actually feel those feelings and express them.

We’re taught over many years as children to temper or even repress those feelings. It can take time to reverse that course. But it is absolutely worth the effort.

Right now, I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I’m excited about several elements in my life: my romantic relationship, my connections with friends and family and the artistic and attendant career opportunities which have come my way in addition to those yet to come.

But today, I feel worry, some unnamed anxiety weighing me down.

What inspired me to write this blog is an awareness and a new conviction to sweep worry aside today… to banish doubt and simply allow myself to feel excited about life. There is nothing revolutionary on an intellectual level about that; but if every one of us more regularly practiced the art of giving in to jubilation, the profundity would be self-evident.

I challenge myself and anyone who reads this to be a bundle of joy today.



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