Walk XIV: Friedrichshain Volkspark

August 24, 2016 § 1 Comment

I like that, post-commie, they still call it the people’s park.

Not sure who else the park would be for, but its nice to see acknowledgment that free public spaces are important.

One of the pics below has a stimulating image: skaters hanging out on the old East German monument. Post-unification, it must have been tempting to destroy all the communist tributes, yet their presence adds a fascinatingly odd nuance to the city.

Berlin still can have a rough feel. One day last year, jogging through the park, I took a detour along a dirt trail and happened onto a meth-addict union meeting. There were tents, an open fire, music and enough gaunt, jagged-edged drug zombies to storm the Reichstag.

I kept on jogging.

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Another curious future beyond communist statues and meth addicts is the abundance of beach volleyball fields (courts? what does one call a beach volleyball… playing area?).

Beachy isn’t an adjective that pours forth when I think of Berlin. Maybe that’s why the fields are there: people are desperate to feel sand beneath their feet and frolic. As far as I know, one needs either an open field or a beach to frolic.

Just outside the park is a field of wild flowers. During a walk with my dog, I had the delight of watching a young family wander among them, picking themselves the freshest of bouquets.

Isn’t that Berlin? A meth addict in one moment, an idyllic scene of innocence the next.

As I’ve said many times, you can say what you want about this place- but it’s never boring.


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